The worried couple sits without speaking or looking at each other. They ask themselves, how to get my credit report? What's my credit score? We want to use our time after bankruptcy wisely? Should we file a better business bureau complaint about the lazy bankruptcy attorney? No. We need to move forward. We need new credit accounts and new credit history. Where can we apply online and get a credit advantage and make fresh start.

Is worry draining you?  Take heart and take action!

Don’t give up.  There are things you can do right now to make your post-bankruptcy life better.

Life after bankruptcy is a fresh start, but not without big obstacles.  Educate yourself, and with planning and patience you can overcome a lot of post-bankruptcy obstacles.

If you haven’t read our FAQ’s on credit reports yet, you can do that here.  Or, you can move on to the tips below:

make a plan for life after bankruptcy

Make a Map

Make a plan, chart a course, think ahead! Planning: it’s the key to one of the first rules for rebuilding your life after bankruptcy.   A little bit of planning is the key to success…  read more

don't just be shocked at your credit report - dispute it! after bankruptcy online has instructions that will help you make effective disputes.

Dispute Your Credit Report

Dispute! It is the 100% lawful way to clean up your report. Do it with a strategy… read more

Build credit by getting new credit and using it wisely. Try Shopping Addvantage. It has convenient credit, easy application, instant approval. With the AddvantageUSA credit addvantage, you can apply now, buy now.

Get New Credit

Start making a new credit history for yourself by building new credit.  If getting credit post-bankruptcy is a challenge… read more

When you are near insolvency, whether before or after bankrtupcy, you will find it hard to get personal loans. Getting important personal loans is hard - but not impossible. Try these tips to find success, but don't get in a hurry. Getting a personal loan takes time, planning, and preparation when you are in financial distress.

Six Tips for Personal Loans

Personal loans (from banks or credit unions) are some of the hardest to get.  But cheer up, it can be done… read more