Yes, there IS life after bankruptcy.

Build your life back.

brick-wallDid you file bankruptcy because you had no other option?  We know.  Are you finding it hard to rebuild your credit?  We understand.  Do feel like you are the only person having to face huge post-bankruptcy obstacles.  You are not alone. 

Practical info.

This site is specifically written for folks who’ve gone through bankruptcy and are trying to make the best of their new start.  Not only is there life after bankruptcy, but it can be better than before!

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Of course, I had no extra money lying around. After Bankruptcy Online gave me free information I needed. What I learned gave me back the sense that I had some control over my life. It also gave me direction. I needed a little advice on how what to do, and I got it. Free! You can’t beat that.

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Sally T, working mom

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What have I done?

Most bankruptcy lawyers are focused on bankruptcy alone. They usually get their job done well enough, but they aren’t focused on the after effects, especially the long term issues. You need a clear picture of just what bankruptcy did and did not do for you.

10 Top Causes of Bankruptcy

Why you filed bankruptcy can be very important to the steps you take to recover from it. It only makes sense. For example, if you filed bankruptcy because of unemployment, you will have different issues than the person who files because of medical bills.

My credit report is terrible! Now what?

Bankruptcy was the beginning of a fresh start, not the completion. Your credit report was battered by it, and your credit report will have a lot to say about your financial future. A credit report is someone’s interpretation of your credit history. Make sure they put your story in the best light possible.