Yes!  There IS life after bankruptcy, and it can be even better than before.


leaps and bounds

The first step is a big one, but you can do it. And every step after that gets easier and easier.


without a net...

flying bankruptcy monkey Chances are your fresh start will be very different from your first start. You have more concerns, more obligations, and not much in the way of a net. On the upside, you have more skills and a lot more experience. Let your experience work for you. You’ll find a lot of useful info and encouraging ideas here. Learn some things that will help you do more than just survive bankruptcy. Take a look around!
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Get in the Blocks!

You have to get in the blocks before you can start a race. Get in the blocks now and get prepared. Think pace and endurance as you pass the milestones. These might include new job/promotion, new place to live, new vehicle, new credit, even a new mortgage. You will do them all, and do them sooner than you think, if you will donate a little of your time each day for a very worthy cause… Your Future!

get set

audacity, followed by patience

Filing bankruptcy demanded a certain audacity, courage, and boldness. Doing well after bankruptcy requires patience, grit, and dedication to simple things.

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Bankruptcy is a two edged sword. The quality of your life after bankruptcy depends on you. Make the most of it.
There are many ways to go bankrupt. For consumers, the formal bankruptcy choices are Chapter 7 and Chapter 11. But, you can be very bankrupt without ever actually filing a bankruptcy petition. When you are consistently unable to meet your obligations (pay your bills) you are probably bankrupt. If your liabilities exceed your assets you are insolvent, and insolvent means bankrupt to the people who read credit reports and underwrite loan requests.

After bankruptcy not what you thought?

You didn’t know it would be like this. Bankruptcy cut down your debt, but now it’s holding you back from the fresh start you needed. Employers, landlords, and insurance companies… it seems like everyone wants to know about your bankruptcy and what it did to your credit report.

you need to get familiar with the dispute process. most credit reports have errors. by far and away, reports obtained after bankruptcy have the most errors. get a free copy of your credit reports from annualcreditreport. Go here and start the dispute process, in writing, and sent by snail mail.

Take action, make disputes, get help

It’s time to take action. Do a little each day to complete your plan and achieve your goals. That’s all it takes. Lots of small steps works better than two or three big ones. In a short time you will look back and wonder how you accomplished so much.



are you surviving bankruptcy? are you surviving the emotional toll of bankruptcy? have you truly started fresh, or are you still suffering the stigma of bankruptcy? There is a blog for everything. There is more than one bankruptcy blog, in fact there are dozens of bankruptcy blogs. Each has a similar message. We are different. We offer insight, advice, inspiration, coupons, discounts, and links to new credit offers for people with bad credit. That makes us a real resource.

What Have I Done?

Most bankruptcy lawyers are focused on bankruptcy alone. They usually get their job done well enough, but they aren’t focused on the after effects, especially the long term issues. You need a clear picture of just what bankruptcy did and did not do for you.

Make A Map

Make a plan, chart a course, think ahead! Planning: it’s the key to one of the first rules for rebuilding your life after bankruptcy. You will not make it up as you go along. It just wastes time to do it that way. A little bit of planning is the key to success.

Do you have a personal bankruptcy success story? Did you avoid the bad credit credit card scams and find two or three real credit offers. Can you shop online with store credit? Can you rent a car with your secure credit card? Online shopping accounts, online store accounts can be a great credit advantage. We think you get the real Credit Addvantage with the Shopping Addvantage. Apply online. Buy online.

My credit report is terrible. Now what?

Bankruptcy was the beginning of a fresh start, not the completion. Your credit report was battered by it, and your credit report will have a lot to say about your financial future. A credit report is someone’s interpretation of your credit history. Make sure they put your story in the best light possible.

Getting new credit after bankruptcy can be next to impossible. Most lenders don't want to offer credit to someone who has recently gone under. It's a catch 22. You need credit to get credit. Then there are the predatory lenders. They will pretend to give you credit, but they are taking almost all of what they pretend to give. You get a little credit line of $300 dollars, but they put $150 of charges on the account before you ever get to use it. Then they charge huge interest and fees to add insult to injury. You need to find a place to get a real credit account. It won't be perfect, but it will treat you fair while you rebuild your credit history and change your credit reputation. We have places for you to look.

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Click here to see a list of places to apply for credit. Like everything else on this site, it’s free! So, take a minute to help us pay the bills. Click on some of our sponsors links.

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Of course, I had no extra money lying around. After Bankruptcy Online gave me free information I needed. What I learned gave me back the sense that I had some control over my life. It also gave me direction. I needed a little advice on how what to do, and I got it. Free! You can’t beat that.

They are the best

Sally T, working mom

I got injured and couldn’t work for almost a year. The debt that piled up overwhelmed me. I filed Chapter 7 thinking it would take care of everything. No way. Bankruptcy was the right thing, but it was only half of what I needed. You have to rebuild after bankruptcy, you know. You can find pretty much all you need here.

It's easy!

James W, newlywed

I should say rainy weeks. I was making good money, and I was spending good money. Yeah, I had a little saved, but it was not enough. I was not living with a plan for the future. I was just having a good time and thinking all the while that the future would take care of itself. Wrong! I lost the job. The bills were too high. My little bit of savings disappeared, and I had no choice but to file Chapter 13. Afterwards I needed advice. I came here and found some easy steps toward a REAL fresh start. It has been a few months, and I can see the progress.

I didn't plan for the rainy days...

Johnny T, with new life

I have a job. I make a decent living. Two things did me in. I was spending too much, then I found he wasn’t faithful to me in any way, not personally, not financially, and not with our credit report. Divorce and bankruptcy got rid of the burden of my “pet rock” whose name is never spoken. It seems like making mistakes and taking responsibility made me grow up. Now I am doing what I need to rebuild my life… one day at a time, one step here and another there. It feels good.

I'm not broke

Cindy, starting all over

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