About Us

After Bankruptcy Online is a group effort by concerned individuals who have personal experience with the issues presented at afterbankruptcyonline.com. Our contributors’ goal is to provide a message of inspiration along with some helpful tips and instructions for those dealing with bankruptcy issues. See the Site Use page for additional notices, terms, and conditions for this website.

You may notice that there is no big personality touting the information here. Our contributors are everyday people who do not want to go public or talk about their personal history with strangers. There is no “guru” claiming to be the expert of all experts. We do not believe there is a one-size-fits-all solution to the problems faced by those who have been through bankruptcy. However, there is a need for practical solutions. There is also a need for good ideas and uplifting messages that may be useful to a person who is frustrated or depressed by the post bankruptcy experience. This website-project is an effort to bring those ideas and messages to people in need. If you are one of them, we sincerely hope the things you find here are helpful to you.